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Hells Canyon Nubians

Warning! This page contains graphic content of mamary systems.
Look at your own risk.  :-) Our adult milking herd is tested every year for CAE, CL, Johnes, TB and Brucellosis. We have always been 100% Negative on all tests.

Bedouin Hale Bop - N1421960
Sire: Bedouin Solar Max (N1307824)
Dam: Thunder-Ridge Hoppin Hadley (N1232374)

This is the grand matriarch of Hells Canyon Ranch. This big red doe is an amazing doe that peaks at 12 pounds and consistently gives us 10 pounds of milk daily (at 12 years old). She is the mother of several of our best does.

Hale is enjoying her well deserved retirement.

Hells Canyon Hale and Rain - N1638751
Sire: AJA-Sammati Tavanipupu (N1561357)
Dam: Bedouin Hale Bop (N1421960)

Move over Mama (above)..I'm going to be the greatest milker in the barn! As a second year freshener, this doe has already topped the production charts at 12 pounds consistently. Rain is a sweetheart in the milking stand (as are all our does) and she has fabulous teat shape and orafices. She milks like a cow but doesn't smell like one!

Bred to Nomad Stoick The Vast for August 2017 Kids.

Photo Coming
Hells Canyon Autumn Rain - N1763869
Sire: The Chosen One (N1697375)
Dam: Hells Canyon Hale and Rain (N1638751)

This doe is a lovely daughter of Rain (above) and Hale's granddaughter. She is milking about 6 pounds a day as a first freshener. She is a delight in the stand and is going to be a big girl. I am expecting great things from this doe.

Caprine Beings Hazelnut Creme - N1735093
Sire: Theesfelds LGE Francis (N167882)
Dam: Halo-M Creme Brulee (N1582378)

We bought this pretty young doe from accomplished NezPerce County 4Her Kristen Reynolds. Hazel is a lovely doe with deep body and good structure. Looking forward to her milk production this year. 

Bred to Nomad Stoick the Vast for 2017 Kids.

Cupcake Mist - GN1763998
Dam: PCP Misty Magic Quilt

Cupcake is a pretty headed doe with well attached udder and pretty typey head. She has given us some of our prettiest babies to date. Her first daughter will freshen this year. Cupcake milks about 1/2 gallon a day. Certainly not our heaviest milker but she is a pleasure in the stand, very quiet and polite and just a beautiful doe to look at.

Cupcake had triplets on 2/21/17. All are sold.


Bred to Orion for 2017
2017 Kids
Hells Canyon Lil Chosen One - Purebred Nubian
Sire: Hells Canyon Imprint (N1763870)
Dam: Hells Canyon Autumn Rain (N1763869)


We will be getting new photos of this doe very soon. Lil Chosen is bred to Nomad Stoick The Vast for July/August
2017 kids.
Hells Canyon Andromeda - Purebred Nubian
Sire: Hells Canyon Imprint (N1763870)
Dam: Bedouin Hale Bop (N1420196)


"Annies" mother is getting up in her years so we thought we had better keep another daughter since they milk so well. She looks very much like her mother.

She will be bred to Nomad Stoick The Vast for July/August
2017 kids.  
Hells Canyon Sprinkles - (GN1764927)
Sire: Hells Canyon Imprint (N1763870)
Dam: Hells Canyon Cupcake


Pretty BIG black doeling with strength and lovely angularity. Very dairy with sharp angles and flat bone. Pretty head. Can't wait to see how she freshens this first year!

Bred to Nomad Stoick The Vast for July/August
2017 kids.  
Photo Coming Soon