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Welcome to Hells Canyon Ranch

Hells Canyon Ranch is located in the Orchards of Lewiston, Idaho. We are a licensed producer of superior quality raw dairy goat and cow milk. We also offer fresh farm produce during the appropriate seasons as well as many of the other delightful products that come from a working farm. All of our farm fresh products can be delivered FREE to customers in the Lewiston Orchards.

What Makes Us Special?

Quality stock, happy animals, attention to santitation in every respect, quality control on all levels and the fact we are a "teaching farm" all make for better end product. We choose our animals based on quality genetics. We strictly limit the number of animals we have so that they are not crowded and have ample grazing so they are happy. Our milking standards are impeccable when it comes to santitation and the animals are kept clean and healthy. Hence our milk tests always come back with A+ grades!

Only The Best for Our Animals
We feed our dairy animals top quality 3rd cutting Columbia basin grown alfalfa hay and Purina Goat Chow. Because of this our animals are healthy, vibrant and long lived which puts quality milk in the pail at a price people can afford. We are not an organic farm. We will use antibiotics or all natural pesticides if it will relieve a suffereing animal! (These animals are our family). We are, however, minimalists when it comes to using antibiotics or pesticides and thankfully our animals are generally so healthy we don't need to. Obviously, sick animals are not used in our milk sales as the milk health is tested monthly and we drink it too! 

Tomorrow's Farmers
Lastly, Hells Canyon Ranch is a teaching farm for 4-H Farm Kids. We have children every year raise and care for their 4-H projects right here on the farm. 4-H animals tend to get extra special care from their extra special caretakers in comparison to standard livestock. We believe the individual attention our animals get reflects in the quality of the product they produce. Try our goat milk, chevre, or ice cream. We think you will agree!