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Our Raw Milk
We have been selling fresh raw unpasturized goats milk to Lewiston residents for over 10 years.
It's clean and healthy taste comes as a suprise to many as it has no off flavors often associated
with goats milk.

(Hey...leave some for us!)

We are pretty proud of it and you will find it more affordable
than any goats milk you can buy in the grocery store. 


Unless you buy our frozen milk the raw milk sold
is always from THAT DAYS milk collection.
We offer free delivery to the Lewiston Orchards.
(Prices do not include glass bottle deposit)

Quart: $4.00
Half Gallon: $6.00

Weekly Repeat Customer Discount:
(Also frozen milk price)

Quart: $3.00
Half Gallon: $5.00


Goat Milk Ice Cream

A combination of goat milk and cow cream is used to make this magnificent melt in your mouth delight. Your choice of vanilla, chocolate or whatever fruit we have in season. (Cherry, Peach or Apricot.) Is it the same consistancy as store bought ice cream? Nope. Does it taste the same as store bought ice cream? Nope. It's SO MUCH BETTER!

$10 Quart



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