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4-H Working Barn

Each year the children can select animals from our dairy herd, market animals or sheep and then do weekly barn duties to care for their projects and learn first the responsibilities that come with animals.
I was once a little girl who wanted so much to live on a farm. We lived in town and goats, sheep, horses and cows were just not possible at our house. Our 4-H working barn program allows children who enroll with Lewiston's Clover Kids 4-H to live the farm dream even if they live in an apartment.
The barn duties are REAL WORK. Once a week they do everything from stripping stalls, scrubbing water buckets, and sweeping aisles to fence painting, weeding and leaf raking.

Kids who do not have any money to purchase a market project can have that animals purchased for them and then they can pay it back by either working extra days at the farm or in cash after the sale at the end of the year.
Enrolled 4-H children can choose a variety of 4-H project options: Dairy, Market, Pet or Pack. Children need to enroll by the end of March each year.

If you know of an animal crazy kid that does not have an animal crazy capable home...give us a call. (Ages 8 to 17). We can make dreams happen.