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Our Alpines


Mighty Pine X-Rated Picture - AA1845340
Sire: Olentangy Lance Tatius +B
(SG Tempo Aquilla Freelance ++*B
x SGCH Olentangy Fortune Tabasheer 6*M)
Dam: Olentangy X-Rated Telluride
(++*B Shining Moon X-Rated
x SGCH Olentangy Lance Tellurocker 8*M)

Picture is bred to The ADO I Am Freddie Mercury
(Iron Rod breeding) and kided one buck and one doe. Both are sold.

Picture's Dam:
Olentangy X-Rated Telluride

Paternal Granddam:
Olentangy Fortune Tabasheer

Picture's Rear Udder
(2 yrs)

Rendezvous Dixieland Delight - AA2025593
Sire: Olentangy Ambitious Tradition +B
(CH Lacey Oak OC Ambition *B x GCH Olentangy Accolade Teemant)
Dam: Rendezvous Delight 7*M
Olentangy Lance Tahoma +*B x SGCH Aquilla Free Dreams 6*M

Dixie has her dry leg championship. Her sire is a son of the 2018 ADGA National Champion Jr Alpine Doe. She will be shown again in 2021.

Dixie's Dam
Rendezvous Delight

Dixie's Sire:
Olentangy Ambitious Tradition

Dixie's Paternal Granddam
Olentangy Accolade Teemant

Dixie's Paternal Gransire
Lacey Oak OC Ambition

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