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Thumble Bee LaManchas

 Our adult milking herd is tested every year for CAE, CL, Johnes, TB and Brucellosis. We have always been 100% Negative on all tests.

Hells Canyon Cookie - (Mini LaMancha)
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

We don't know much about Cookie's parentage but we do know that one if not both her parents had no ears!! Cookie is one of the most social goats on the place and an excellent mother. Super high and wide udder with great attachment and fore. She milks pretty decent too for a mini.

Cookie had triplets on 2/23/17. All are sold.

Photo Coming Soon!

Alder Rose AmRoth EmBeth - L1708626
Sire: SG Alder Rose Travis Dol Amroth (AI *B)
Alder Rose Vitali CoBy

"Emmy" was Rachel's first LaMancha purchase. We are looking forward her kids. Rachel will be showing her in 4H this year.

Emmy's Dam

Emmy's Full Sister

Emmy's Udder
Sire's Full Sister/Granddam

Breakaway Farms MRC Paradise (AL1583631)
Sire: March Ranch E&T Cascade
Dam:Milynn Acres Arctic

Deep bodied and pretty faced doe. Paradise is a new addition that we intend to use for milk production for the kids. She is very sweet.

Photo Coming Soon !
Paradise's Dam
Paternal Granddam
Thumble Bee Cream de la Cream
Sire: Hells Canyon Orion

"Cream" was retained from Cookies 2017 babies. She reminded us so much of Cookies full sister whom we lost last year. We are hoping that Cream will be a little bigger than her mom and should be a fabulous milker as her mother is even as a Mini!
Photo Coming Soon!