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Our Lamanchas
Alder Rose Amroth Embeth - L1708626
Sire: SG Alder Rose Travis Dol Amroth
Dam: Alder Rose Vitali Coby

Pedigree rich with champions and impressive LA scores. This doe was Rachel's first doe purchase and she picked a good one. "Emmy" won Grand Champion Dairy Goat at the 2017 NezPerce County Fair last year and has triplets last march. She is bred to Wasabi for 2018 Mini LaMancha kids.

Emmy's Udder

Full Sister
Emmy's Dam

Sire's Full Sister & Dam
Breakaway Farms MRC Paradise - AL1583631
Sire: March Ranch E&T Cascade
Dam: Milynn Acres Arctic

"Butter" was added to our farm for her deep body and milk production.
She is a strong doe, herd matirach and is bred to Rockin CB R8 Firestone
for March 9th. These should be large lovely kids.

Emmy's Udder

Butter's Dam

Paternal Granddam
Lucky Star's GE Jaded Lady - L1857692
Sire: Goat San Eurika (By Kastemurs Stingray)
Dam: SGCH Lucky Stars LX Drama 4*M

We are excited to get adult photos of "Yogi" this May as a first freshener.
Very thankful to Lucky Star Farm for reserving this lovely solid black doeling
for us from Drama. Yogi is a farm favorite and is confirmed bred by
AI to Moon Ranch PT Huemac for May 2018..

Yogi's Dam "Drama"

"Drama" Udder

Maternal Granddam "Accolade"

Paternal Grandsire
Loperized PCE Princess Cleo - L1773744
Sire: Too Much Bucks Prince Charming
Dam: Alder Rose Amroth Embeth

Cleo is a daughter of Emmy (Top). She has her dry championship and we
hope to show her this year. She is bred to Wasabi for
Mini LaManchas.  

Cleo's Dam

Dam's Udder

Marternal Granddam

Cleo's Udder

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